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Delta Kappa Kappa Fraternity

"True Leadership is possible only through honorable and upright living"


Delta Kappa Kappa is an honorary educational fraternity, whose general purpose is to foster the development of fellowship, scholarship and leadership through the socializing influence of fraternal life.


Delta Kappa Kappa Fraternity was founded in September of 1920 at Buffalo State Teachers College, under the name Kappa Kappa Kappa.

Founders of Delta Kappa Kappa Fraternity

James Finley     Albert Stalker
Albert Meinhold     Fred Weyler

The Oswego chapter of DK was initiated in 1926, making it the third chapter behind Cortland State (1925). In 1930 the fraternity was nationalized and incorporated. The name was changed in 1936 to Delta Kappa since it had been know as Tri-Kappa and the triangle had been used to symbolize TRI. In 1955, there was a New York State court ruling against the existence of national charters on state schools. Subsequently, the chapters of DK became localized and have remained such ever since.

Delta Kappa Kappa Fraternity currently resides at 86 Sheldon Avenue in Oswego, New York. Over the years there have been several official Fraternity houses. First on our history is our house on West Bridge Street house followed by the Wallace House on West Fifth Street from 1935 till WWII, and then followed up by our glorious home at 15 Bronson Street. Purchased in 1948 the house was a large stone structure with a frame wing to the West. The building was originally constructed in 1826, with the addition made at the turn of the century. The main floor of the building was Victorian in its design. The rooms included a drawing room, library, dining room, kitchen and front parlor, which were very spacious and ornate. The woodwork was mahogany, and the ceilings were covered with ornamental plaster. Fireplaces were present in each room down stairs with large mirrors overhead. Brother’s rooms were on the second and third floors. Tragically on January 9th 1983 our house at 15 Bronson Street was destroyed by fire. After efforts to rebuild, it soon to have become National Historical Society Home, we were forced to sell the land and take the proceeds to purchase our current Beautiful home one block from The Oswego State campus on 86 Sheldon Avenue.

The two things that the brothers of DKK are particularly proud of are our "colors" and our house. The colors are very special to us because they represent our legacy. The maroon and white are the only colors worn by DK Brothers, and as such, are highly visible on campus. The DK house is also very special to us because it is the one thing more than any other that represents the unity and strength of our bonds. Like the other local Fraternities who own houses, we take great pride in maintaining our home as a place to not only just celebrate social functions, but to also nurture the growth of our brotherhood. The acquisition of a house is not only a huge responsibility, but an honor that is most cherished on the Oswego campus. In order to maintain such a possession the active involvement of every brother is needed.

DKK is a social Fraternity that not only promotes fraternizing, but is also concerned with academics and community service. The past history of the relationship between DKK and the College is very positive. DKK has helped with on-campus events, as well as neighborhood improvement activities. DKK also boasts one of the highest GPA's among Greek Fraternities. DKK also has its share of outstanding leaders who are involved with many on campus clubs and associations. Delta Kappa Kappa is also a force to be reckoned with in athletics. In the past DKK has enjoyed many victories in the annual Greek Games and has also won, among other things, MRA football, softball, hockey and soccer. We also are competitive in basketball and many other sports. As a whole, DKK is always looking towards the future.

House Father: Vincent A Corsall
In 1949 DKK Fraternity adopted its life-long relationship with "Father Vince". His heart pumped maroon blood as he lived and worked with the DKK brothers. In 1957 Vincent Corsall was elected Mayor of Oswego, on the Liberal Ticket. The brothers had helped with the campaign, even though the college students could not vote in local elections. Election night saw a long parade with a band down Bridge Street, ending with a reception at the DK House. Oswego made National news on December 7th 1958 when lake effect snow storm marooned the city with 131 inches of snow falling in 10 straight days. Father Vince was on the phone with such dignitaries as President Eisenhower, New York Governor Harriman, and various others who sent snow plows, trucks, tractors, snow blowers and all to dig out the city.

Over the years DKK has had many Academic and Town advisors. Lewis "Pete" Popham in the late 70’s, Dr. Willard Schum mid 80’s to early 90’s and current advisor Kurt Pomerenke 1998.

Colors: Maroon and White

Fraternity Flower: Red Rose

Fraternity Song:
Hail Men of Delta Kappa
Keep your honor ever high.
Raise your heads fling out your banner
Let the colors never die.

We are brothers all DK men,
With a trust that men hold high.
It’s a pledge we call good fellowship,
Let our emblem fill the sky.
Sing out with voice proclaiming,
Let our song be ever known.

We are proud to be DK men,
With and emblem all our own.
We are brothers pledged together
That our faith be ever true.
In the pledge we call good fellowship
Men of DK here’s to you.


Delta Kappa Kappa Fraternity has now been at Oswego State University for 89 years. Our Alumni from many years past and present have become incredibly active and have provided us a road map for the successful future of DK.

During the summer of 2007 DKK has embarked on a complete house make over of our home at 86 Sheldon Avenue. Through generous Alumni Donations of nearly $20,000 the project continues. The entire first floor has been refurbished and new flooring was installed throughout. Pledge plaques and projects were removed from walls, repaired cleaned and placed back up on newly reinforced walls. The main banister was rebuilt by Christopher Todt SP ’99 and second and third floor bathrooms refurbished.

As this project continues assistance is needed, both monetarily and skillfully, from any and all DKK Alumni who want to be involved. That DKK energy was again re-ignited at a successful Alumni gathering in New York City on September 29th, 2007, where many brothers had not seen each other since college graduation.

We stand on the cusp of greatness once again here at Delta Kappa Kappa. With each and everyone of your support in brotherhood our grand organization will flourish and continued its stance as one of the greatest Fraternities ever.