Delta Kappa Kappa Fraternity

Who We Are

Delta Kappa Kappa Fraternity was established on the shores of Lake Ontario in the year 1926. It has bred a tradition of respect and excellence throughout its years. From 15 Bronson Street to 86 Sheldon Avenue, from fire to fire, the never ending tradition burns on.

Our Fraternity was founded on the principles of Fellowship, Scholarship, and Leadership to advance collegiate men through the formative years of their life. Our Fraternity has been active for over 90 years at SUNY Oswego and continues to thrive, engaging students and community members through our service and philanthropic endeavors.

Delta Kappa Kappa is not just a four year experience, rather one that can give back to you for a lifetime. Brothers who have graduated years ago are still engaged with the Fraternity and giving back in any way they can.

Take a Tour of 86 Sheldon Avenue

Our Fraternity house is located less than a block away from SUNY Oswego, sitting at the top of the hill. The house is occupied with nine residents, all members of the Fraternity.

The house on Sheldon Avenue has gone through many variations, renovations, and remodels. One things remains however and that is the presence of members of Delta Kappa Kappa calling it home.

In Memoriam


Jeremy Chatterton (F'02) served as the Delta Kappa Kappa Alumni Association President for three years. Jeremy's passing was a shock to everyone and the Fraternity mourns his loss deeply. When we think of the values that we all hold as Brothers of this great Fraternity, and think about what it takes to be a ∆K man, Jeremy Chatterton embodied every single characteristic. His leadership and charisma were contagious. He truly bled maroon. Jeremy dedicated countless hours working to maintain our house at 86 Sheldon Ave, including the installation of the new hardwood floor on the 1st floor, the remodeling of all of the 2nd floor bedrooms, and the installation of the new hot water heater. On top of his dedication to the house, Jeremy also played an influential role in the professional development of active brothers nearing graduation, offering an internship at his State Farm agency to approximately 10 brothers in order to give them real world experiences to bolster their resumes. He would always treat Brothers to dinner and drinks after they had reached achievements like graduating or being elected to EC positions. Jeremy constantly offered advice and words of encouragement to every brother that he met. It was his mission to help all of our Brothers become the best men that they could be.

Jeremy Chatterton was more than a Brother. He was a true friend, a mentor, a coach, a role model and an all around great man. Jeremy’s passing is shocking and tragic. We are extremely sad to even have to make this announcement. True leadership is only possible through honorable and upright living. That is exactly how Jeremy lived his life.

Photo credit: Dave Proffitt (Sp'01)