Benefits of Membership

"True leadership is possible only through honorable and upright living."

Delta Kappa Kappa Open Motto

Professional Development

Being a member of a fraternity has shown members have a better understanding of workplace expectations. This knowledge, skills, and abilities stems from the increased level of responsibility a fraternity member faces versus an unaffiliated student. Some areas you will hone your skills are:

Lifelong Brotherhood

Our brotherhood spans more than ninety years with members that are living on four different continents. As a local fraternity, our brotherhood has a stronger bond with shared experiences across generations. Whether you joined in the 1950's or you graduated in 2018, our bonds of brotherhood are held strong by the values and principles of Delta Kappa Kappa. 

Leadership Development

Leadership development is essential to the core mission of a fraternity. Our organization is no different in that leadership growth does not end at graduation. Our members are expected to hold high-level positions within our fraternity, on campus, and within the community. Our alumni serve an active role in advising the undergraduate members, supporting them through guidance and mentoring intended for them to pass on their wisdom to the next generation of members.