House Renovations

Renovations to 86 Sheldon Avenue

Recent Accomplishments

In the last several years, major steps have been taken to ensure that the house at 86 Sheldon Avenue continues to thrive! As part of Alumni gifts and donations, coupled with rent collection, the Alumni Association has been able to make several improvements to the house throughout the last two years. Among these improvements include new doors for the entire house, renovated entry ways, a newly paved lined-driveway.

New front door, installed May 2018

New basement entryway, installed January 2018

Driveway paving, completed in June 2017

Driveway Paving

The paving of the driveway was the largest house improvement that occurred since 2011. As a requirement by the city, all house driveways needed to be paved in a effort to beautify the city and local community. This also served as a benefit for the Fraternity as well, providing a way to provide a better parking area for Brothers as well as improving the overall look and feel of 86 Sheldon.


Completed Project: Hot Water Heater and Boiler

This year's major project is the complete removal of the old boiler/hot water heating system and replacing it with a unit that is sustainable for a large house with nine bedrooms. This project has been an area that has needed address for a long time, now with the right amount of Alumni support and funding. This project was completed with your help! Our goal was $15,000 for a new boiler and heating system installed and operational by August.

If you would like to help with our fundraising efforts, please click this link to find out ways you can donate!

Tankless Water Heater

This new system will provide ample hot water throughout the house.

Modern Boiler

The new boiler will provide consistent heat throughout the house for years to come.