The 1926 Society

The 1926 Society is a collection of Brothers of Delta Kappa Kappa that continue to contribute to the fraternity in various ways. The Society allows Brothers to donate in their own way throughout the year through a monthly subscription. All of those who enroll in The Society will have a deduction for one calendar year of $19.26 through PayPal. After twelve months of donations, your service will be honored with a commemorative challenge coin provided at no charge. 

How Do I Enroll? 

2.  Enter $19.26 into the donation section and click "Make this a monthly donation". 

3. Then click either "Donate with PayPal" or "Donate with a credit card". 

Note: You will need to create a PayPal account to activate monthly payments. 

4. After that, you are all set up!

Members of The 1926 Society

Justin Aldrich

Charles Baxter

E.J. Cuneo

Tom DiRoma

Dylan Diaz

Chuck Dickinson

Charles Doughty

Louis Feldman

Dan Fiorentino

Robert Fredrichs

Jay Gussak

Ronald Harper

Matt Jungblut

Mark Klis

James Lalino

Michael Merlino

Kevin O'Brien

Daniel Ostrander

Mark Palumbi

 Jonathan Pagano

Don Powell III

Kurt Pomerenke

Wayne Rich

Keith Rosebrock

Zach Robinson

Brook Sargent

Jeff Thomas

Lonnie Trotta